The hidden costs of moving to a new home

When moving out of state to a new home, there are a lot of details to keep in mind – and a lot of hidden costs. Some of these are obvious – down payment, mortgage and immediate remodeling projects – but some are harder to spot ahead of time. However, having a clear picture of all the expenses going into a move will help you budget appropriately, and help reduce your stress throughout the process.

Earnest money deposit

Many realtors require a deposit simply to make a bid on a prospective house. This is to prevent people from making offers on homes they have no intention of actually buying, so don’t be offended if you’re asked for one.

Home inspection

Just like having a mechanic look under the hood of a car you’re considering buying, it’s always¬† a good idea to have a professional inspect the house you hope to purchase. This expense – which can cost hundreds of dollars – may initially seem fricolous, but it’s much better than finding a major problem once the van lines have already started unloading your possessions.

“Every buyer should have a home inspection, usually within 10 to 15 days after the contract is approved,” Dyan Pithers, a sales associate, told Newsday.


You’ll likely have to pay some taxes on the property you sell, but you’ll also likely have to pay taxes on what you’ve just bought. Often, these are prorated for the amount of time you spend there your first year, but you should still account for them. In the event that the seller has already paid taxes (or utility bills), you must sometimes reimburse them.


When moving into a new home, some local governments require you to hire a surveyor to determine the boundaries of your new property.

Other legal fees

Different states require varying levels of involvement from attorneys to ensure that everything proceeds according to the letter of the law. These fees may well be your responsibility.

New belongings

Depending on where you move, there will also almost certainly be expenses you didn’t expect. These could include a snowblower – or alternatively, a new air-conditioner. A move to a new climate or type of property will likely involve purchasing new necessities for the home.

With all this to consider, it is probably a good idea to hire a household moving company to ensure you can focus your attention to these accumulating details.