Ten tips for helping students move into their first dormitory

The college experience can be an influential part of a person’s life, so it’s natural that you’d want to get your son or daughter settled in right. Students discover their true interests at school, do some soul searching and form lasting friendships. While living in the dorms can be an exciting experience, the move can be torturous if not done efficiently.

Here are ten tips to help make a move more manageable.

1. Know the dimensions of their dorm room before the move. Bringing too much stuff without having a place for each item can cause clutter and claustrophobia to develop, which won’t help their study habits.

2. Make a checklist of belongings they may want to bring. Categorizing materials into subsequent lists will help individuals make sure they do not forget anything of importance.

3. Students who plan ahead for their move often have a stress-free experience. Collect free, foldable boxes and containers from local merchants and friends to help make packing a breeze. Boxes also are available from moving companies like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines.

4. Leave belongings at home if they will be of little use at school. While it may be tempting to bring an expansive book collection, if there is no room for it, leave it at home.

5. Students who are moving into a space that they must furnish themselves can save some money by purchasing those goods from discount stores. Plan a visit to a local thrift store such as Goodwill or Salvation Army so that you can discuss the essentials together.

6. It is important to set deadlines. These reminders will help make sure that the necessary materials have been purchased, items packed and appointments made for when it comes time to make the big move.

7. Students who are going to an out-of-state school should contract a moving and storage company such as Stevens to guide them along the way. Professional movers will help to streamline the organizational flow, and can allow you and your child to focus more on all of the other changes that will taking place in this time of transition.

8. Keep important documents with you at all times while in transit. Having an eye on valuable papers can help make sure they don’t get lost in the move, and you may need them for registration.

9. An organized move is less strenuous. When students arrive at their campus, they should survey the move-in process, making sure boxes are placed accordingly.

10. Finally, students should make sure their dorm room shows school pride with plenty of memorabilia. It is important to integrate into the college culture in order to have the most enjoyable experience imaginable.

Parents may want to help their children prepare for the big move. Providing them with the proper support may help them feel comfortable away from home.