Take special precautions when moving out of state with some items

The regular possessions people bring with them for long distance moving don’t need too much care. Clothes should be folded, china should be wrapped in packing materials and books can be stacked tightly into boxes. However, there are some other things that will pose difficulties for both you and the out of state movers tasked with transporting items. Take special care to both pack and load some interesting objects that might be found in your house.

There are two challenges lawnmowers pose. The first is they’re usually filthy with dirt and grass residue. Take this opportunity to clean yours off by deactivating it, tipping it over and hosing down the underside. If you don’t, it can track grime all over your possessions depending on how the relocation movers fit everything into their trucks.

The second challenge is that the blade can be both damaged and can damage other things. Secure it in place by tying a board of wood to the underside of the mower once it’s clean and dry to prevent contact with other items in the truck.

Waterbeds are more fragile than their standard counterparts and may need to be placed on the top of a stack of items in a long distance moving company’s truck. As such, make sure to alert them to the fact that it’s a water bed and think about draining it as early as possible. If not, the movers might be surprised to have to deal with that kind of item.

You can’t take all of your food with you, but you shouldn’t throw it out either. Unfortunately, you can’t necessarily donate fruits, vegetables and meats to food kitchens. Offer some to your friends and family and bring as many non-perishable items with you. However, be certain everything is tightly sealed and packed gently. A collection of spices you’ve contributed to for years can easily break in transit if it isn’t adequately secured.

As one of the most expensive items in any house, a television needs to be cared for. This is especially true for modern, cutting edge devices with flat screens. Make sure to give the right dimensions to the out of state movers and let them know exactly what type of TV they’ll be dealing with. Some screens are more susceptible to damage from direct pressure than others and need to be placed in a truck or van at a different angle accordingly.