Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Supports Local United Way with Special Employee Incentives

For more than 100 years, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has been a community supporter throughout the region. They are thankful for the solid business and support the Great Lakes Bay Region – and communities around the nation – has given them, and Stevens is glad to give back in many ways.

With this year’s United Way campaigns getting under way, the long-time supporter and area business leader, announces a special campaign designed to engage their employees in stepped up giving to the United Way of their choice.

According to Lindsay Stevens Eggers, “United Way is vital to our community and we are glad to be a part of their efforts.  For more than 100 years, our company – Stevens Worldwide Van Lines – has been here in the Great Lakes Bay Region too.

“This promotion helps our employees to recognize the importance of United Way, and our shared responsibility to support others.  Plus, who doesn’t like a little fun and a chance for an extra day off with pay?!”

The program, has several components that keep interest and involvement up throughout the campaign: In order to win a FREE DAY off WITH PAY, Stevens will select one name for every 10 people, from a lottery created for all who pledge at least $1 per week or a $52 one-time donation.

This is how the program works: For every $1 per week an employee donates, their name is placed in a drawing to win a day off as a paid holiday, to be used by March 1, so the company has full staffing in place for their busiest moving season which begins in spring and carries through the summer.

Including the $1/week base program, Stevens is offering employees up to six more opportunities for chances to win a day off with pay, and even opening more prize days for broader employee participation:

  1. INCREASED PLEDGES = INCREASED CHANCES. Anyone who increases their pledge at least 1 percent over last year’s amount will receive two additional chances at winning a day off with pay. For every 10 people who increase their pledge over last year, Stevens will add an additional day off to the lottery.
  2. EARLY RETURNS = INCREASED CHANCES. If employees qualified for the drawing and turned in their pledge cards by October 18, they received an additional chance at the free days off.
  3. PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS = INCREASED CHANCES. When employees use the payroll deduction plan and to have their United Way pledges subtracted directly from their paychecks, they will receive another chance at one of the days off. And for those who switch from lump-sum to payroll deductions, another chance is added.

In addition to the United Way campaign incentives, Stevens is very involved in local, regional and national causes, including a special year-round program, in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, “The Way to Move – The Way to Care” with a pink moving van and a portion of proceeds donated from the miles the pink moving truck travels.

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