Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Sees Busy 2015 For National Accounts and Household Good Shippers

Building for a strong 2015 has been the goal of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines as it has set its priorities over the last six months. One of the challenges facing all van lines is hiring new drivers who are not only experienced, but can be trained to provide excellent customer service. So finding long-distance drivers who can manage a team of packers as well as interact with the corporate customer has been one of the on-going priorities at Stevens.

Recruitment Plans

Now that we are into 2015 and the recruitment process is well underway, meeting the goal of hiring dozens of new drivers appears to be going very well and is right on track. According to the Vice President of Operations at Stevens, Jim Welsh, their multi-channel job boards, trade fairs and online advertising are paying off with more applicants and more hires.

“At the rate we are going Stevens will be in good shape to service our national accounts as well as household goods shippers,” Welsh said. “We have a tremendous training program and have been paying bonuses for all new hires. In addition, we have been using gift cards to reward current drivers for referrals. After all, they know who does a great job, and those are the people we want.”

Driver shortage

It is no secret that Stevens is in stiff competition with hundreds of trucking companies to hire good drivers, but it has taken an aggressive position in filling its ranks, beginning with creating a dedicated website in January 2014 at This site has funneled hundreds of applicants to the Stevens recruiters to vet and interview. Without this cutting-edge technology, Stevens would not be in such a great position to work with its long-standing corporate clients as well as its thousands of shippers throughout the 48 states, Canada and its International Division.

As more news on new hires is available we will report it to you. With a great economy comes great challenges and we are happy to report that Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is ready to meet them.