Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Recognizes Top Performers at Annual Awards Event

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines’ Annual Awards Presentation, held in Frankenmuth, Michigan, was attended by more than 130 employees, agents and guests. This event recognizes top performance and years of dedicated service to Stevens’ customers, by long-time staff.

“We were proud to celebrate and acknowledge all the individuals and teams who performed exceptionally over the past year. Although we are a team, there are certainly specific individuals who we are glad to also recognize for their individual accomplishments. They are who make Stevens Worldwide Van Lines ‘The Way to Move’,” said Joe Biskner, President and COO.

Professional Van Operator of the Year

  • Charlie Austin

Professional Van Operator (PVO) with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, is the privileged operator of the company’s recognizable pink tractor trailer denoting the organization’s commitment to a partnership with the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Individual Sales Awards

$2 Million Club

  • Marc Lindberg
  • Dave Mocny
  • Vicki Bierlein

$1 Million Club

  • Rick Terbush
  • Joe Zabukovec, Jr.

 $750,000+ Individual Sales Awards 

  • Steve Barber
  • Kevin McKenzie
  • John Hopkins

 $500,000+ Individual Sales Awards

  • Debbie Belt
  • Ben Theile
  • David Best

Total Customer Satisfaction Team Awards

  • Saginaw
  • Sam Kelly
  • National Accounts Move Center
  • Sandy Brown
  • Kirsten Vargas
  • Sunny Sommer
  • Lisa Soule
  • Andrea Elisech
  • Military / DOD
  • Kristen Covieo-Peterman
  • Karl Melcher
  • Michele Oldenburg
  • Christie Calcaterra
  • International
  • Shari Bechtold
  • Jill Lickey
  • Claudia Forsythe
  • Danielle Maley
  • Janie Graves

Service Awards

35 Years of Service

  • Scott Baird

30 Years of Service

  • Bonnie Deneen
  • Karen Webb

25 Years of Service 

  • Cheryl Hilbrandt
  • Barbara Patrick
  • Greg Skoberne
  • Rick Terbush

20 Years of Service

  • Vicki Bierlein
  • Thomas Johnsen

15 Years of Service

  • Debra Belt
  • Lori Brown
  • Debra Morgan
  • Sunny Sommer

10 Years of Service

  • Anthony Bremer
  • Dan Couch
  • Lindsay Stevens Eggers
  • John Hopkins
  • Julius McGhee

Five Years of Service

  • Brenda Baldwin
  • Steven Barber
  • Sandra Brown
  • Glen Lucas
  • Theresa Rupert
  • Kirsten Vargas

In addition to the annual recognition, this year’s event also thanked three long-time employees who have recently retired or have recently announced their retirement:

  • Ken Spencer – 42 years of service 
  • Butch Skuczas – 24 years of service 
  • Mike Ross – 17 years of service

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines strives to provide employees with challenging opportunities for professional growth and satisfaction, as well as recognition and appreciation for their efforts and dedication to quality service.

For 110 years, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has provided local, regional, cross-country and international relocation services. Today, the family owned and operated business is an industry leader in moving and storage, with corporate-owned agencies, more than 100 domestic commercial agencies and more than 300 international agencies through an exclusive contractual agreement. Headquartered in Saginaw, Michigan, they also offer records management and logistics services.