Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Completes Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts with Donation to World Vision

Thanks to the collective efforts of agents, customers and staff, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is making a $15,000 donation to World Vision for assistance with continuing relief and rebuilding efforts in Haiti.

In the days following the January earthquake in Haiti, Stevens Van Lines had committed to make a donation for each interstate and intenational move booked during a desingated period of time. At the completion of that time frame, the number of moves and the donation for each totaled nearly $13,650. Stevens opted to increase that donation nearly 10%.

Additionally, some agents in the Stevens nationwide network also opted to make contributions for the local moves that they registered during the time frame.

World Vision is an international humanitarian charity organization headquartered in Federal Way, Wash. World Vision reports that it has provided aid to nearly 1.8 million people in the weeks since the disaster.

According to World Vision, the amount of the Stevens donation could buy any of the following:

  • Bed nets for 834 families
  • Water purification packets — for 100 days worth of clean water — for 750 families
  • Caregiver kits — antibacterial soap, petroleum jelly, cotton balls, antiseptic ointment, washcloths, medical tape and gauze, alcohol prep pads, acetaminophen and oral rehydration salts — for 500 relief workers
  • Child-friendly places — for displaced children to be safe from abuse and exploitation — for 750 children for 3 months
  • Family survival kits — water purification tablets, water containers, cooking sets, plates, utensils, temporary shelter materials and disinfectant — for 100 families

Although a few months have passed since the earthquake, the needs remain and evolve. While some rebuilding has begun, much more remains and the thousands injured require continuing medical care. Concerns also revolve around the upcoming rainy season in Haiti. With already crowded and unsanitary conditions for the many homeless and injured, the rain will increase risks with danger of malaria, dengue fever and other waterborne diseases. World Vision is continuing its work to provide clean water and cooking supplies, hygiene supplies and medical provisions.

Stevens employees at its headquarters and several other locations also made personal contributions to the relief efforts through workplace initiatives like “Jeans Days,” in which staff pay a fee for the opportunity to wear denim on designated days.