Stevens International Partners With GRIP Inc.

Stevens International is proud to announce a new partnership with GRIP Inc. (, utilizing their innovative move pricing software called PricePoint.

PricePoint enables movers to obtain truly instant price quotes for international origin, destination, and freight services from hundreds of participating companies around the world. As part of a broader objective of streamlining and modernizing internal processes, Stevens will be deploying PricePoint to manage agent pricing across multiple business lines including commercial, government, military, and GSA. Rather than the traditional tedious process of juggling hundreds of paper and spreadsheet tariffs, Stevens will ask its agent partners to file confidential tariffs online within PricePoint. This also provides convenience for the agent to periodically update their tariffs, and the mutual benefit of avoiding price calculation mistakes because PricePoint auto-calculates shipment prices directly from the agents’ tariffs.

This initiative will enable Stevens to be more responsive and price competitive to all internal and external customers, as noted by Stevens International Managing Director Lisa Beranich: “In an Expedia ‘I want it now’ type of world, Stevens International is pleased to partner with GRIP Inc. and use the PricePoint tool, to afford us the ability to provide competitive price quotes, using our preferred agent network, in an exceptionally timely manner.”

GRIP Inc. President Ryan Keintz commented: “As moving industry utilization of PricePoint continues to grow, we are particularly excited about partnering with Stevens International. We have long-anticipated the opportunity to directly support government/GSA suppliers, but needed to launch the expansion with the right partner to gain traction. It quickly became clear to us that Stevens was an ideal, knowledgeable, and progressive-minded partner for this venture.”