Stevens International Offers MATT Pricing Tool to Agents

Stevens International Forwarders is excited to announce that MATT Pricing is available to agents for 70 locations in the United States.

MATT Pricing is a 24 hour, internet-based pricing solution for moving companies. Utilizing MATT allows moving companies to provide near-instant, fair and detailed pricing information to customers while keeping costs and wait times to a minimum.

“MATT Pricing is a game changer for us,” said Stevens International’s Managing Director, Lisa Beranich. “Stevens International works with moving agents on every continent, and quoting in a timely manner can be tricky. With MATT Pricing, movers all over the world can request and receive the information they need quickly and accurately. MATT is going to help us create an overall better customer experience at Stevens International.”

The moving and storage industry is facing constant pressure to become more efficient in every way. By centralizing and standardizing the manner in which prices are calculated while also eliminating wait times, MATT Pricing is the means to that end.