Stevens International Holds Top Spot among All TSPs in CHAMP Program

Stevens International Forwarders is proud to announce that is has increased its Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores for the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) to lead all other participating Transportation Service Providers (TSP).

The CSI measures customer satisfaction with a carrier’s performance against the average level of customer satisfaction of all carriers participating in CHAMP. With a newly calculated, higher CSI score, Stevens International will be able to expand its scope of service for GSA relocations, both inbound and outbound.

“We are very proud and excited with the results of our CHAMP CSI score,” said Lisa Beranich, Stevens International’s Managing Director. “With our newly acquired higher score, Stevens International will be better positioned to promote our quality services to Agencies, Relocation Companies, and Move Management Companies that handle CHAMP business, and more importantly, to provide that industry-leading quality service to those GSA customers.”

If you are an Agency, Relocation Company, or a Move Management Company in need of a quality TSP, please contact Stevens International (STVF) by calling 260.244.7004 or emailing [email protected].