Stevens International Forwarders Granted FIDI’s Commitment to Excellence Gold Status

In today’s competitive world, it’s imperative to differentiate one’s self from the competition; Stevens International Forwarders did just that. After passing rigorous courses that covered all aspects of international relocation, Stevens International was awarded FIDI’s Commitment to Excellence Gold Status.

The distinction, bestowed upon only 21 international relocation companies worldwide, is an outstanding achievement for Stevens International. The designation’s title “Commitment to Excellence” describes, perfectly, the attitude that Managing Director, Lisa Beranich, displays.

Companies with Gold Status designation employ only the best in international relocation standards and support for their customers, while always striving to improve upon those standards.

“We are very proud to have attained FIDI’s Commitment to Excellence Gold Status,” said Beranich, “Stevens has been providing industry-leading customer service since 1905, and we look to continue that tradition into the future.”