WXYZ-TV 7 Video: Stevens Helps School Students

This week, Stevens Worldwide Van Lines was called  to help with a major school system supply drive happening throughout Metro Detroit. Leo’s Coney Island restaurants throughout the area allowed individuals to donate school supplies that would be given to teachers of Detroit Public Schools. As Leo’s owners quickly learned, the public response to the donation was extremely positive, with many of their marked boxes overfilling with notebooks, pencils, disinfecting wipes, rulers, backpacks, and many other useful supplies. The amount of donations became so overwhelming, that many locations have had to dedicate entire rooms to the supplies they’ve received.

Stevens is proud to have been called in to help move the heavy collections of supplies to the various schools. With such a large amount of supplies given, the movers expect it will take three days to deliver everything. This success stands as yet another prime example of the support and generosity that can be found in the people of Detroit.