Show your passion for sports during your move

The big day is almost here and you’re ready to take your belongings – both big and small – to your new residence. Packing is nearly complete, but there’s still your basement filled with various balls, Frisbees, pucks and sports equipment. You don’t want to leave all that gear behind, even if you haven’t touched it in years. Here’s a guide to packing up your old sports gear before the big move.

1. Organize your belongings by activity
After you determine which belongings you’d like to bring, organize them by activity. For example, a baseball bat, catcher’s mitt and your faded Chicago Cubs cap can go together in a single package. Meanwhile, you’ll definitely want to avoid packing your autographed Larry Bird basketball with the worn-out, dusty disc you used during your days as an ultimate Frisbee player in the same box.

Certain items are heavier than others, and extremely large items – such as your cemented-in basketball hoop – might not be able to go to your new residence. However, you may be able to take equipment like your regulation-size hockey net apart, and if you do, make sure you keep every piece so you can properly reassemble it.

2. Use packing supplies based on size and weight
Baseballs, footballs and other small items can easily be placed into moving boxes. Various materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts can protect fragile sports equipment and ensures that it can stay safe during your trip.

Use boxes that will properly support large possessions. A small cardboard box is unlikely to support your heavy high school shot put, but it could be used to carry lightweight trophies from your glory days on the track and field team. Be logical, and if an item looks like it’s too big or heavy for a box, find a package that provides sufficient support.

3. Label every box
Getting to your new home and having every box labeled makes it easier to unpack. You might be able to easily store your sports gear in a basement, garage or shed, depending on where your residence is located, and it could maintain its quality for years.

Additionally, few things are worse than transporting a heavy box of sports equipment upstairs only to find that you’ve misread the label, so make sure that every label is easy to read.