Safely move items into the proper area in a home

You’ve moved all of your belongings to your new residence and you’re getting ready to unpack. Items such as your mattress and bed frame need to be brought upstairs to your bedroom. Meanwhile, boxes filled with non-essential items like your Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day decorations can be put aside for later.

Packing allows you to prepare for exactly where you’ll store certain items in your home. Categorize boxes based on where they will go in your residence, label boxes and make it easy to identify packages that are heavy.

A successful move typically maximizes your time and resources, and you’ll want to make it easier to transport belongings to all areas of your home. Identify where you’d like certain belongings to go ahead of time so you’ll be better equipped to handle the challenges if you need to bring these belongings up and down stairs. Get help from the moving experts at Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, and these relocation professionals will safely move your belongings between addresses and make sure these items are stored anywhere they need to go.

It is better to err on the side of caution when traveling up and down stairs. Take one step at a time, and for heavy items that require several people to move, use periodic breaks to stay energized along the way.

Make sure every path is well lit throughout the move. Dropping a moving box can damage the contents and might result in accidents or injuries, but it never hurts to take a few extra minutes to safely move heavy items. Be sure that people travel one at a time on stairs to further reduce risks when moving possessions.

Awkwardly shaped furniture might appear daunting to move at first, but take your time to make it easier when you’re moving chairs, couches and other large items up and down stairs. If possible, take large items apart and move them piece by piece, and make sure you have plenty of support to successfully move large, heavy belongings.

If you need assistance on moving day, remember you can always call in the professionals. Stevens’ professional relocation movers will be happy to help you complete your move as quickly and painlessly as possible.