Safely accompanying a long distance moving company

If you’re moving a long ways away and you’ve hired a long distance moving and storage company to take your things for you, the hardest part is already out of the way. However, you’re probably going to take your car with you. An easy way to save money is by driving it yourself instead of hiring someone to do so. Use these four tips to make sure you safely and comfortably make it in time to start unpacking.

Don’t drive at night.

There’s no reason to be up and on the highway while it’s dark. Find a motel if you need to and do your driving when the sun is up.

Take frequent breaks.

It’s tempting to want to drive all the way through a 12 hour or more trip, but this is not only uncomfortable, it can be quite dangerous. Try to give yourself a spell away from the wheel every two hours or so. This will allow you to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and step away from the monotony of the highway.

When possible, have someone accompany you on the drive.

This helps for multiple reasons. First, you’ll find you can pass the time a bit more enjoyably when there’s someone around for conversation from time to time. Secondly, you’ll have a person who can take over driving if you become too tired or simply need an hour in the passenger seat.

Bring snacks.

You’ll want to keep up your energy while you’re driving, but you don’t want too much energy. Take some fruit, energy bars and snacks that are high in protein.