Relocating to provide room for growth

Sometimes growing means moving. Certain features of a business’ locale can hamstring growth, and when this is determined to be the case, a company often decides to move to relocate its base rather than succumb to limited expansion possibilities.

That was the case with DenMat, a provider of laboratory services and products to dentists in nearly 70 countries. Rather than moving out of state, the company opted to stay within California by moving from Santa Maria to Lompoc, a relocation of about 30 miles.

Despite the relatively short distance, the move is likely to be quite complicated – in addition to the vast collection of supplies, the company has more than 350 employees. Due to this intricacy and depth of the move, the company said it plans to spread the process over 6 months beginning in June. The new location affords them improved elbow room for future growth.

“Our current and future space needs dictate a move to a facility where we can consolidate operations under one roof as well as provide room for expansion,” said DenMat’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Semmelmayer.

With complicated and sensitive moves like DenMat’s, employing the services of a corporate relocation company can help save valuable time as well as help ensure that everything gets to its new home in an orderly and punctual manner.