Relocating Calgary Zoo elephants highlights challenges of moving with exotic pets

In April, Canada’s Calgary Zoo announced that they plan on moving all their endangered Asian elephants to a new location over the next five years due to size limitation issues at their facilities. An article in Scientific America points out that Asian elephants born in captivity are three times more likely to succumb to infant mortality than in the wild. Famous animal activist Bob Barker has offered to foot the $880,000 bill for one of Calgary’s elephants Lucy to be moved by airplane because she may be too ill to make the long van lines ride.

Lucy’s case raises significant questions about the difficulty of moving environmentally sensitive exotic pets. Sometimes moving a pet is simple, but others can be extremely complicated. Professional relocation movers for pets are not uncommon today, and these companies can offer full consultation and support when it comes to moving pets. Consider a few challenging species that pose complications when changing addresses.

Snakes may be nature’s most adept escape artist. Even the most experienced snake owners have lost snakes. Many species can constrict themselves and hide in incredibly small spaces. Transport containers need to be secure as snakes are very muscular. Further, most species of snakes require gradient heating that has a dispersal of temperatures necessary for survival of specific species. Some snake enthusiasts own more than one reptile and each reptile may need a separate container. Considering that some species can grow to over twenty feet, it is best to hire a professional to assist moving this fascinating but difficult species.

Moving with fish, especially those of the tropical variety can be quite challenging. Many species can be moved in a cooler if it is filled with water from their previous environment. Fish owners face particular challenges because each species has particular needs when it comes to temperature and aeration. Hiring a relocation and moving service that has experience dealing with aquariums will prove to be a worthwhile investment that saves a lot of stress. Full service options may be available as well that involve the dismantling and reassembling of the aquatic environment.

The chances are good that no matter how difficult a species may be to relocate, professional pet movers have a solution. If an endangered seven-ton elephant can be moved safely, putting beloved and expensive exotic pets in the hands of professionals is a smart decision.