Reduce moving issues with the proper packing supplies

Whether you’re preparing to move out of state or relocate only a few miles from your current residence, moving day can be challenging for parents and children. The big day requires plenty of dedication to minor details, however, you can help alleviate some of your worries if you purchase the proper packing supplies ahead of time.

Safely packing items is essential for moving day because it ensures your possessions can be transported from one location to another without damaging them along the way. Consider picking up the following supplies so you can finish your packing.

Boxes come in many sizes and some are specially designed for items like mirrors and TVs. If possible, pack items in their original boxes to save time and money. You know your stereo will fit in its initial packaging, but be sure the package is still in good condition before you use it. The original packing peanuts or bubble wrap might still be inside the box as well, and you can re-use these supplies to ensure your belongings are properly secured.

You can also use boxes that might be stored in your home, depending on their condition. For example, books can be laid flat in a box that’s been sitting in your basement for months, and you could even place softer items such as pillows or blankets on top.

Regardless of how you pack items, be sure that each package is strong enough to support the items inside – there’s nothing worse than a box that is bursting at the seams. Take a cautious approach, pack items that safely fit inside, label the box and secure them properly before taping the package shut.

Moving kits
Many people prefer moving kits because they provide all of your packing supplies in a single case. Each item in a moving kit serves a distinct purpose, and the package commonly includes bubble wrap, packing tape and a marker for writing out labels.

Bubble wrap allows you to secure fragile items like picture frames or wine glasses. Once you wrap up these items, you can use packing tape to tightly secure the wrapping. Additionally, use the marker to label the item itself or the box that it’s in – this will make it easier to unpack at your new residence.

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