Prepare yourself and your corporate relocation company for a move

Offices are complex places, with many divisions and various equipment that needs to be transported during a relocation. Therefore, the opportunity to move to a new region or superior facility can be a mixed blessing. With some in-depth planning, a reliable corporate relocation company and some helpful tips, you’ll have your business back in commission and up before you know it.

Filing cabinets and containers
It may seem like an unnecessary challenge to pack and unload thousands of files, but it’s important to stay organized. If your company simply leaves important documentation in cabinets and other storage containers in the hope they stay upright in transit, you’re asking for trouble. Take the time to carefully remove crucial paper records and box them tightly so an accident doesn’t undue a clerical staff’s hard work.

Priority boxing
Losing productivity because of a move is hard for a company, so it’s crucial to get back to normal operations as soon as possible. However, don’t wait for furniture and equipment to be back in its proper place before resuming standard activities. Instead, prioritize your company’s packing and keep the most important items close. That way, computers and desks can be set up before the water cooler and scanner are reassembled.

Property preparation
To ensure the actual move-in goes smoothly for you and your moving and relocation company, meet regularly with your new landlord or property manager. Doing so will help you plan logistics including the use of a freight elevator, the best areas for trucks to park and what time of day might be best for the move. You might even find a nighttime relocation is easier to execute than moving during the day.

Utility management
Many companies rely on phones and computers, so a delay in the activation of telecommunications utilities can be disastrous. Don’t let this happen – speak with your local service provider in advance to make sure everything is ready when work needs to resume. Additionally, you might want to travel to the new office before your move to make sure you can access the internet and make calls.

Coordinate with IT
Information technology gets simpler to manage every day, but that still means many cables, servers, routers and modems need to be installed before other items. Include your IT department in your plan to ensure it can access your office so work isn’t delayed because cables have yet to be run in every section.