Prepare to empty your home of excess items before hiring relocation movers

Any relocation, whether it’s just down the street or some kind of long distance moving, can be bittersweet. You might be traveling to a better house and a long-awaited job, but there are certainly memories inside any home no matter how briefly one lived there.

However, one bright upside to leaving an old house behind is you get to thin your possessions of unnecessary items. Everyone accumulates what can only be called junk throughout their lives, and it’s very satisfying to be able to get rid of most of it. In fact, it’s a necessary part of moving, since there’s no sense in paying a long distance moving and storage company to pack it up, take it across state lines and put it away for you. Consider going through whatever is in your closets, crawlspaces and attics before you hit the road.

If you aren’t known to frequently clean your fridge, you should probably do so well before a big move. However, one type of food nearly everyone builds a store of over a long enough period of time can be found in cabinets. Canned goods, dry grains, sauces, spices, teas and other ingredients that aren’t consumed every day have a habit of building until you have very little room left. Get rid of most of your food well ahead of the movers.

People also have a tendency to have more plates, plastic containers, cups, dishes and pots than they would ever need. Set aside your nice holiday china and other items rich in sentimental value, but consider bringing the rest to the Salvation Army or another charitable organization.

Very few people have the precise amount of clothing they need throughout the year. You might have grown or shrunk a size, and your tastes can certainly change from season to season. However, depending on the storage situation in your new house, you might not want to bring every article with you. Don’t force nationwide movers to box and lug your extra clothes – give them to a community center or clothing drive.

It’s hard to part with electronics that seemed so futuristic and modern only a few years ago, but the rapid pace at which technology progresses means almost everyone has some out-of-date machines in their basement or garage. Don’t let them follow you when you’re moving out of state. Instead, figure out if they require special disposal and get rid of them permanently.