Prepare plants for transport during long distance moving

People with an affinity for things that grow have probably put a lot of thought into their houseplants and gardens. If you’re such a person, and you’re doing some long distance moving, you probably don’t want to abandon the living things you’ve spent so much time and energy caring for. You shouldn’t leave behind any bushes and flowers you love, so consider carefully taking them with you as you drive from one state to another with a household moving company.

If you keep your plants in some kind of clay pot or fragile container, you should think about transferring it. Select a plastic tub or pot and be sure there are holes for drainage. It’s best to transplant them at least a month before the move because you’re going to want hardy roots and a strong plant overall if you’re shifting it around and putting extra strain on it.

A move is a great occasion for giving a plant of any sort a good pruning. This accomplishes a few different purposes. First, it reduces the overall size of any bush, flower or shrub, which makes it easy to fit your greenery into a car or truck with the rest of your things. Second, it helps to reduce the nutrient burden on the plant. With fewer leaves, branches and flowers to support, greenery doesn’t need to expend as much energy and can put it toward keeping itself strong during a move. It’s also a good idea to prune it, which will keep dead leaves and shriveled petals from making a mess in your vehicle.

The last thing you want is a car infested with insects when you’re doing any long distance moving. Consequently, you should make sure to check all plants for bugs and remove as many of them as possible before you hit the road with the nationwide movers.

When it comes time to actually make a move, give your plants adequate protection. Do this by finding old bed sheets and poking a few small holes in them before wrapping them around the plants while they’re still potted. This binds their branches to prevent them from snapping when things shift in a car and will also give some degree of protection from temperature changes.