Pastors should take the lead when it comes to long distance moving

If you’re a pastor or a member of the clergy, you probably have a passion for service that goes beyond your immediate geographical area. When you receive the call to serve in a different place, it shouldn’t matter if you’ll have to do some long distance moving to accomplish it. Let your church or parish help with the logistics, but take the lead when it comes to finding a better home for you and your family.

This is important because despite the best intentions of your ministry, you know the needs of your family better than others. For instance, you might suspect the age differences among your kids require they have their own rooms. Take this into account and weigh it alongside other amenities when you help church staff members find an appropriate new home at your next assignment.

You’ll also want to help with the moving and relocation company if for no other reason than that it takes the burden off your parish’s clerical staff. After all, if you want to play an active part in finding lodging for your family in another state or across the country, it’s probably best if you don’t burden staff secretaries and assistants with your constant planning and various needs. Search for the best school districts, properties and neighborhoods and find the most reliable out of state movers for your relocation.