Packing efficiently can make the moving process easier to manage

People always talk about how stressful moving can be – finding the right moving company, crossing state lines and getting the kids on board are all significant factors – but perhaps the most distressing step is packing.

Organizing possessions, finding the proper supplies and working on a deadline all add up, and can make even the most efficient person feel inadequate. However, if you have a game plan established in advance, you can pack up your entire home with ease. All that a successful packing and moving process requires is some patience and well-outlined steps to follow.

It is advised that you go room-to-room when packing up your belongings. It doesn’t make much sense to pack items from the kitchen with things from the bathroom – they’re entirely different rooms. Keeping rooms separated will help the unpacking experience go smoother and you can start to settle into your new house that much faster.

After you’ve made a layout and have created a schedule as to when each room must be packed, you need the proper supplies. Many people make the mistake of using cardboard boxes they’ve picked up from local supermarkets or retail outlets, but those boxes have already been used and their stability may come into question. In order to guarantee your possessions won’t be compromised due to low-quality cardboard, you can purchase new cardboard or reusable plastic containers from your moving company.

You may have worked your way through each bedroom and cleaned out the bathrooms successfully, but when it comes to packing up Grandma’s expensive heirloom china, the entire process gets a little more sensitive. A common mistake many people make when moving is packing cardboard boxes to the brim. You may want to be a little lenient with how much you put in each box – especially when working with fragile items. In addition, make sure you wrap each item in its own sheet of heavy paper, so no plate or glass is clinking together in the box. If you’re still concerned with the safety of your valuables, consider letting your relocation movers pack those fragile items for you to make the process easier.

If you’re still nervous about your valuables breaking during the move, and you’ve partnered with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, you can carefully pack your belongings into a container that, after packed up, will be loaded onto a truck and brought to your new house. It takes the stress out of watching other people move your valuables and helps you bring everything you want to your new home.