Organize your workstation when moving your office

The logistics of moving an office from one facility to another can be daunting, but it’s likely going to be taken care of by the corporate relocation company you hire. Of course, you’ll need to plan ahead to stay productive and avoid losing important equipment, but most of the troubling details such as parking and heavy lifting won’t be your responsibility.

However, you will be accountable for your workstation no matter how high or low on the company ladder you are. Here are some tips for making sure your desk remains intact whether your company is engaged in long distance moving or relocating around the block.

Clean up
The first thing you should do is commit to a thorough cleaning session of your desk, computer, chair and anything else that’s accumulated dust during your tenure with a company. The last task you want to be saddled with once you’ve moved is cleanup of your workstation in a new office. Make your workstation pristine with a rag and cleansers before your belongings have been picked up by relocation movers to keep the dirt and grime confined to the old facility.

Back up your data
Computers are essential tools for most employees, and a worker will likely use the same data processor each time regardless of their office location. If that’s the case, you’ll want to make sure that your data is fully backed up. If an accident arises while a company’s equipment is in transit, you’ll never be able to recover the information stored on your CPU. Invest in a flash drive or external memory stick to make sure you have an extra copy of everything you need.

Take everything
If your desk or cubicle is filled with files and documents, long distance moving is a great opportunity to trim some of the fat. Sit down with your folders and pages and find out what should come with you and what can be recycled or shredded. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to make this distinction, you might be better off taking all of it. Consider which situation is worse – arriving in a new office with a excess papers or needing an important form or file you threw away in haste when you were packing up your work materials.