New homes sales spike

Now that the economy has mostly recovered, many Americans have entered the real estate market. According to recent data, homebuyers want to be the first residents of their new abodes and are opting to buy recently constructed homes.

The Commerce Department reported that the sale of new homes climbed 4.4 percent between October and November 2012. The rate suggested that the real estate market was on pace to move approximately 377,000 new properties for the entire year.

Now might be the time to act when it comes to buying a home. The Commerce Department also noted that the median price jumped as a result of the sales spike. Potential homeowners must act swiftly if they want to take advantage of reasonable mortgage rates.

Keep in mind that house prices fluctuate from area to area, so consider moving out of state. Once you find your dream house, hire nationwide movers to pack and ship all of your belongings. It can be difficult to keep your new home in pristine condition while you’re moving in all of your furniture and belongings, but a household moving company can help keep your property in top shape.