National relocation trends in 2011 may offer a glimpse into 2012

Relocation is common in today’s career-centric world. The global economy has encouraged organizations to open subsidiaries overseas and improve workforce mobility as a whole. World moving services have been active in transporting professionals to nations with booming economies such as The People’s Republic of China and the United Kingdom and, according to Weichert’s Global Mobility Trends 2011 report, The United Arab Emirates is now a hot spot for new career opportunities as well. But the United States experienced its own transcontinental migration trends in 2011, as professionals sought out new jobs in states with stabilized economies. With more people looking for work in 2012, these destinations may see an even larger population boost in the coming months.

The Southwestern and Mid-Atlantic states were popular relocation destinations in 2011. People moved to regions with temperate climates, affordable costs of living and good health care systems. In fact, Michigan, which had been a struggling state, balanced out in 2011 with more people moving into the state than leaving it for work. This has a lot to do with the recovery of the auto industry and other business outlets stationed in Detroit and the surrounding communities.

In contrast, Ohio continued to lose citizens at an alarming rate and racked up the highest percentage of outbound moves. This trend, in part, could have to do with a lack of career opportunities in the state, which has persuaded some locals to venture elsewhere for work.

Senior citizens have also played a role in migration trends. An influx of people moved from the Northeast region of the United States to Florida, Arizona and California. These areas have affordable housing markets and many retirees look to relocate to more temperate climates for increased comfort and relaxation opportunities.

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If you’re looking to relocate for work, taking a look at where the available jobs in your field are turning up is a good first step. Once you’ve made the decision, consulting with moving relocation companies is the next step that can allow you to transition to a new place of residence with relative comfort and ease.