Moving out after a divorce

A divorce can be emotionally and physically draining. However, a move is an opportunity to start anew and completing your relocation is the first step toward forward. You’ll want to do everything you can to ease the amount of stress that moving out adds to the separation. Consider the following tips to help alleviate some of the pressure that typically comes with moving out after a divorce.

1. Develop a schedule
Streamline your move by planning ahead. A schedule is useful because it allows you to see exactly how much time you have to pack and move your belongings.

While no schedule is perfect, try to be as detailed as possible when determining how you’re going to approach your upcoming move. Mark dates and times on a calendar, immediately start contacting friends and family members to see if they are are available to help you transport your belongings and begin packing. You can even reach out to a moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to receive expert assistance before your relocation.

2. Make a list of your belongings
A divorce can bring awkward circumstances, such as deciding who gets control of possessions that were purchased while you and your former spouse were together, but these matters can be sorted out at a later date. Figure out which belongings are solely yours and can be brought to your new address.

Take a room-by-room approach to determine what you can bring with you. When you’ve finished your list, outline what packing supplies and equipment you’ll need to safely move these possessions.

If there are items you cannot easily transport or won’t need at your new address, you can sell or donate them before the big day. Additionally, get extra assistance when you start moving heavy items – you don’t want to suffer an injury.

3. Set aside time for yourself
Take time to get away from your home and spend time with family and friends, take a relaxing bike ride or enjoy a relaxing activity.

Moving can be stressful, and leaving a residence where you’ve spent time with a former spouse can be emotional. Setting aside time for yourself allows you to temporarily take your mind off of the move – even a few minutes a day can make a major difference.