Moving history: relocating a house in the name of preservation

Having survived the Civil War, Hurricane Katrina and many, many inhabitants, an historic house in New Orleans was about to be demolished. The Lang House – built by tobacco merchant Jean Baptiste Lang sometime around 1850 – was on the brink of being razed before preservationists successfully convinced the Mandeville City Council to have a moving and relocation company dismantle and move the house to a city-owned lot, according to

Local residents were particularly intent on preserving the house because of the glimpse of history it provides. In a city that lost many of its landmarks in the wake of Katrina’s destruction, having a relic like the Lang House is important.

This house can help tell the story of early Mandeville,” Adele Foster, vice president of the historic association of Mandeville, told the news source. Maintaining the house is a physical way of keeping the history of long-gone era alive, according to Foster.

“We don’t need museums,” she said, “but they enrich our lives.”

Moving a house – especially a very old one – is no easy feat. When undertaking such a job, using the services of professional relocation movers is paramount to ensure that all proper precautions and techniques are used.