Moving and packing tips when you relocate

If you’ve already found a new house and hired a household moving company, you’re very close to enjoying the comforts of a new home. However, there are some secondary steps that need to be taken if you’re going to have a smooth relocation.

While you and people very close to you might already know about your move, many people and organizations need to be notified well in advance. Mail, packages and government forms that go missing can frustrate people who are already trying to settle in as it is.

The most important step is to go to your local post office and register your new address so that all letters and packages are forwarded. Find the central office for your zip code and make the change before you move, but not before you’re able to access the mailbox at your new home or apartment.

You should also go through your official documentation to make a list of the organizations that are most important to stay in touch with. For example, insurance carriers will need to know where to send bills and claims forms, and you wouldn’t want to miss important rate changes or premium increases. If you’re moving out of state, local and federal government agencies should also be contacted so that your tax forms don’t go to the wrong home and you’re unavailable to claim a refund or vote.