Moving and packing tips for your personal library

Moving out of state can be especially difficult when you have a large library to pack. Books are wonderful tools that can transport you to any location, from Middle Earth to a restaurant at the end of the universe. Unfortunately, your favorite tomes are heavy items that will quickly fill many boxes before you can even think about packing the rest of your belongings.

Your favorite masterpieces can help you settle into your new home by keeping you relaxed during a stressful time. Don’t leave your books behind simply because they’re heavy and difficult to ship. Follow these moving and packing tips to when it’s time to prepare your personal library for relocation.

Pare down your collection
It isn’t necessary to bring every book to your new home. You should only pack the works that you love to read over and over again. Apartment Ratings recommends paring down your collection before your state to state movers arrive.

There are plenty of options when it comes to lightening your literary load. Your first option should be donating books to a local charity or school. Call nearby nonprofit organizations and educational institutions to see if they are accepting used books. Alternatively, many bookstores, particularly those near and on college campuses, buy used editions of classics and modern works.

Sort by size
An organized system makes packing and unpacking a breeze, especially when it comes to your library. Books come in all shapes and sizes, which makes it difficult to keep them all in the same boxes. To combat this issue, writes that you should pack according to size.

First, divide your hard- and soft-cover editions. Once you’ve finished sorting, organize your collection by size. This system ensures that all of your books will fit perfectly into the boxes without any damage.

Pack accordingly
Despite their considerable heft, books are very fragile. Pages wither and degrade, and spines quickly crack if they’re under too much pressure. Damage can be exacerbated during your move if you don’t pack properly. If you store your books with the spines facing up or standing like they are on a shelf, the weight will ruin the bindings.

DIY Life writes that laying tomes flat is the best packing technique. This method ensures that the weight of the books is even distributed on the sturdiest parts (the covers) to minimize any potential wear and tear.