Moving and packing tips for relocating with kids

One of the most common reasons people move to new homes and different geographic areas is they have better opportunities in store for their children. If you fall into this category, there are some things to keep in mind after you’ve hired a long distance moving and storage company to make the transition as easy as possible for your kids.

Use this opportunity to upgrade toys, wardrobes and sporting equipment. There’s no sense in lugging boxes of outdated belongings to a new home along with everything else, so go through every toy box and closet to see what can be donated to charity before the move.

Bring the children around to the new house if it’s close enough to do so. For some kids, the hardest part is leaving their friends behind, but younger ones may be disturbed simply by the new surroundings they aren’t accustomed to. Spend some afternoons or evenings in the new location to make sure there’s some familiarity with each room.

When you’re trying to organize items on the day of the move, you should probably have your kids stay with their grandparents or other relatives. They can easily get underfoot when the moving and relocation company is trying to efficiently get your belongings in the house. Besides, if your children aren’t careful, they can get hurt.