Members of the Coast Guard are required to travel far and wide

Corporate relocation companies are well known for the benefits they provide to executives and employees, but they may also be used to assist the men and women of America’s armed forces.

There are five armed branches of the United States military. The Army provides the backbone of ground troops and is the driving force behind combat operations. The Navy patrols the oceans of the world and maintains American interests overseas and the Marines operate in conjunction with this aquatic force. The Air Force is responsible for all aviation operations and for securing U.S. airspace in the event of an attack. Finally, this leaves the Coast Guard.

The United States Coast Guard is one of most overlooked sections of the military. Founded in 1790 by Alexander Hamilton, this agency actually predates the Navy as the oldest continuous seagoing branch of government. The Coast Guard compacts its mission statement into three conglomerate subjects – maritime safety, security and stewardship.

This includes a wide range of secondary tasks that are intrinsic to the lives of the men and women in the Coast Guard. Scientists and environmental experts study coastal habitats and prepare communities for the worst during approaching storms. Law enforcement units patrol American sea borders in cutters and prevent the smuggling of illicit drugs and merchandise. Search and rescue teams, perhaps best known for their bright orange helicopters, offer assistance to civilians in danger.

This broad variety of skills means that a member of the Coast Guard can be sent anywhere in the United States. If duty calls in a far off location, officers can hire moving and storage companies to transport their belongings.

For example, the Weather Channel airs a television show called Coast Guard Alaska. This documentary-style series follows the men and women of the Coast Guard operating out of Kodiak Base. This remote location is home to many different people, and employees are often called out to rescue trapped or injured fishermen, hunters and more.

Even places as far away as Kodiak Island can be reached by reliable world moving services. An officer who has just received a duty assignment in Georgia, for example, can pack up his personal items in a storage container and leave it on his front lawn. This way, moving van lines can transport his goods to a base without his assistance, leaving him free to spend time with friends and family before shipping out.