Make your spring move a success

You don’t need a philosopher to tell you that spring awakens a certain amount of wanderlust. Therefore, it is not surprising that the season is an excellent time for you to move into your new digs. Follow these tips to help you and your household moving company prepare for a spring relocation.

Plan for unstable weather
Spring is a notoriously unsettled season. Depending on your location, you could be dealing with rain, sleet, hail and even snow. Tarps can cover delicate items, and a snow shovel may be needed, even if it’s sunny when you leave.

Pack winter items
Once spring has sprung, pack away unused blankets, sweaters and winter coats. Your space will be more organized when your movers arrive. Color code or label clothing boxes according to season to maintain organization when you unpack.

Box up plants
Houseplants may be sensitive to your move. Winter and summer temperatures can be damaging for houseplants, so spring is ideal for this move. Use tall containers or boxes, making sure not to overcrowd or harm plants’ leaves.