Long distance moving in spring presents excellent design opportunities

When spring finally comes, it signals a sense of renewal and change in many people. As such, it’s an excellent time of year for moving out of state or relocating to another part of the country. To enhance this feeling of improvement and freshness, consider making the move to a new home an occasion for redecoration and better interior design. Not only will you have to have your furniture transported and rearranged by a moving and relocation company anyway, but you’ll also probably want to turn over a new leaf if you’re going to be living in a new home. Consider implementing the following spring-themed interior decoration principles in every room in your house.


Light colors
Besides being a lot warmer, spring days also herald the return of longer days and more sun. You’ve probably become sunshine-starved and vitamin D deficient since fall got underway, so it’s a good idea to encourage as much light as possible to flood your new house. Maintain this brightness by using as many light colors as possible. Not only do they simply appear lighter – they’ll allow quite a few more rays to reflect in your house’s interior. Consider reupholstering some of your furniture after the nationwide movers have delivered them and think about the pastel drapes you can hang.

Optimize air flow
You’ll crave fresh air when spring arrives as well, and any home you move into during that time of year has probably been shut tightly all winter. Refresh the atmosphere and bring in the smells of growing things by improving the air flow whenever possible. This means arranging furniture so it doesn’t interfere with cross breezes and placing different fixtures in such a way you can move as near to windows as possible. Do so by refraining from placing tables and sideboards beneath windows and reserving as much furniture as possible for empty walls and large spaces in the middle of every room.

Flowers and plants
If you’re a fan of natural color and greenery, you might have found it hard to bring your favorite plants and flowers with you. Some can be brought by a household moving company, but you might have decided it would be better to start a garden from scratch when you relocated to a different part of the country. Either way, start gardening early and supplement your lack of crops with houseplants and floral arrangements. They improve the feel and look of any room and can help to shake off the last cobwebs winter’s left on your soul.