Last-minute moving and packing tips

Even after months of preparations, there are plenty of last-minute chores you have to handle before moving out of state. Some of these responsibilities, like defrosting your refrigerator, are unavoidable because you need to use certain items up till the minute you’ve officially vacated the premises.

Don’t panic because you have a lot on your plate and your state to state movers are scheduled to arrive in a couple hours. Take a deep breath, stay calm and remember these three moving and packing tips to help you deal with the last-minute rush.

Pack an overnight bag
If you’re still packing on moving day, it is the perfect opportunity to prepare an overnight bag. Any items that didn’t fit into other boxes can be put into different containers with other essentials. Pack a few articles of clothing, some food and water so you have the bare necessities once you arrive at your new abode.

Be careful not to pack too much into your overnight bag. Limit the contents to a few essentials and include other belongings if there is adequate space. The bag should only have sufficient supplies to help you get through the first couple days in your home while you’re unpacking.

Store dirty linens
The Learning Channel points out that you cannot strip your bed until you’ve officially moved out, which means that you’ll have some dirty sheets to pack. Store the sheets, blankets and pillow cases in a laundry bag or other closed container so they cannot contaminate clean items.

Alternatively, you could leave your unwashed bedding in your hamper with similar possessions like towels. Unless you want to do laundry while movers pack up all your boxes, you’ll have dirty towels. Keep the linens together so you know what needs to be washed as soon as possible.

Buy extra supplies
When you’re packing all of your worldly possessions, it is easy to underestimate how many moving supplies are required. Items may seem like they will easily fit into a couple of boxes, but if they are too heavy, you’ll require more containers, tape and packing paper to make up the difference.

After you gather your remaining belongings, buy the necessary supplies to pack them. It is always better to have an excess of materials than an inadequate amount. Save any extra boxes because they may come in handy during your next move.