Job and moving advice for military members

Military members and their families relocate at among the highest rates of any group in the country. A life tethered to mobility can cause problems for individuals and families, but two new programs aim to minimize the turbulence.

MilitaryOneClick,  a website providing access to resources for military members, has launched a new mobile app providing free access to phone numbers and business information for more than 200 bases across the country. Started by two military spouses, the site hopes these resources will help in the sometimes difficult process of moving out of state or across the country to a new base.

A similar website aimed at connecting former military personnel with civilian jobs called Hero 2 Hired intends to make the job hunt – often the first one in many years for former soldiers – a little less stressful.

“You can get online and talk with and chat with employers,” Staff Sgt. Zandreya Burnside, who will soon be entering the civilian job market, told the Hattiesburg American. “It’s like you’re getting an interview for a job at your house.”

Although the difficulties of moving and finding a job are never easy, by hiring relocation movers to help with the other parts of going to a new place, the entire process can be made simpler.