International reporters can be required to relocate at a moment’s notice

In the golden days of war correspondence, journalists would embed with troops and gather information from right on the front lines. For example, reporting legend Walter Cronkite flew alongside 60 Minutes figure Andy Rooney during World War II in an aviation unit called the Writing 69th. These brave writers participated in bombing and surveillance missions with the U.S. Eighth Air Force, and were continually exposed to hazardous flak and gunfire. While modern-day reporters often stay safely away from battle zones, they are still required to live in the general vicinity of a conflict. If they need to move, these professional writers can benefit from home moving companies that offer service abroad.

Current journalists often turn to documentary filming to alert the public to a specific conflict, and a popular topic is the ongoing war in Afghanistan. Filmmakers and journalists Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington spent a year in Afghanistan imbedded with the troops of the 503rd Infantry Regiment of the United States Army. The compelling footage told the story of a platoon who lost a medic and other soldiers, and were tasked with establishing and defending an advanced outpost in hostile territory. The film was nominated for several awards and received the Grand Jury Prize at the 2010 Sundance film festival.

While reliable moving services will most likely not be allowed into active combat zones, journalists like Junger and Hetherington still need to transport their recording gear out of friendly countries. World moving services can ship photographic equipment to a nearby international airport without damaging sensitive electronics.

Besides war correspondents, other journalists often find themselves called to lengthy international assignments. Political attaches report back to the White House on the dealings of a foreign government, and sometimes are required to live in the country they monitor. Major news networks like CNN often have representatives in all of the major countries of the world in case of a breaking story, and these people might spend their entire lives moving from place to place as demand dictates.

Finding a reliable moving company should be a top priority for anyone who is considering a career spent in another country. Sometimes even an item as simple as a mattress can bring back memories of home, and this comfort might be hard to find in a fast-paced, alien environment.