Increasing property values mean good time for a move

After nearly a decade of dwindling real estate values, now may be an opportune time to buy property, according to Time Magazine. Between still-low prices and record-low mortgage rates, buying your first home or an additional property may be a wise decision.

Furthermore, although prices are still low, there are many indicators suggesting an impending rise, according to the news source. The number of people buying houses rose 4 percent in March, which is the highest it’s been since 2010.

With all this in mind, it may be the perfect time to relocate. If you’ve been renting or if moving out of state has been on your mind, the likelihood of a resurgence makes this a favorable time. Rental rates are going up, meaning that calling relocation movers and shipping into a new piece of recently purchased property could save you money – your mortgage might even be lower than your monthly rent. Likewise, if you’ve been waiting to sell your house until property rates rebound, that might finally be happening.

After years of going in the wrong direction, rising property values might make relocation an attractive option.