In-state moves can be assisted with corporate relocation services

Though national and international relocation is common in the business sector, some companies in the United States sometimes choose to save money by remaining within a particular state. This eliminates the need for new corporate licenses, and since the tax laws remain the same there is no need for legislative research. However, even an in-state move can result in a journey of hundreds of miles, and employees might want to consider relocation movers in the event of a corporate move.

For example, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is condensing and relocating many of its employees to a new office in San Ramon, CA. The Wall Street Journal reported that nearly 800 employees from all over the state of California will be moving to the new location.

“Right now, our people are in Walnut Creek, Concord, San Francisco and Fresno. We’re bringing together teams whose work needs to be coordinated, and Bishop Ranch proved to be the best East Bay location that could accommodate a group of our size in one building,” said PG&E VP of Gas Operations Nick Stavropoulos, according to the news source.

Depending on traffic, Fresno can be over a three hour drive from San Ramon, so employees who are relocating might want to consider van line moving to save on gas and transportation expenses.