How well do you know your moving company?

So you’re ready to make that transition into that dream home. Whether your move is down the block or across the country, here are some questions you should ask about your relocation movers before the vans are loaded.

Is my preferred moving date open?
Weekends and extended holidays can be extremely busy in the moving industry. Book your relocation at least a month in advance to ensure your date is open. If you work with a large, full-service company, there’s more flexibility and availability of dates.

How much will this cost?
Companies can vary prices according to distance, weight or time. In-house estimates areavailable, but keep in mind that some of the best moving companies can offer you a price quote online.

Can I do the moving myself?
Despite the current trend for do-it-yourself moving, entrusting the move to a full-service relocation company will decrease your stress levels. This is especially true of companies that offer full-service relocation and storage options. The heavy and awkwardly shaped items that will be a nightmare for you to move are just a day’s work for a professional.