How to pack electronics for a move

People have become increasingly reliant on technology for almost every daily function. According to the San Jose Mercury News, the average American household has 24 gadgets. In 1975, that number was only 1.3, demonstrating the growing popularity of many devices in the consumer marketplace.

Electronics are among the most fragile devices that many people own. Internal components can be damaged by the slightest movement, so it’s important that homeowners take special care of their gadgets while packing. The devices must be safely stored away so that they don’t break on the road.

The following moving and packing tips can help you ensure that your electronics are still operational once your arrive at your new abode.

Dismantle when possible
The smaller your electronics are, the less likely they are to be break during your move. You should dismantle large devices to reduce the odds of damage. Additionally, splitting your bulky items into smaller sections makes them easier to pack.

Follow your instruction manuals so you don’t accidentally cause any destruction yourself. Wrap cords tightly so they don’t become tangled and keep small parts like screws separate so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Keep the manufacturer’s directions so you can easily reassemble your devices.

Use the right materials
Pack your devices in sturdy cardboard boxes to prevent bumps and bruises. The durable material can absorb most shocks so that your gadgets are in mint condition when you pull up to your new home. Don’t overload the boxes by packing too many items in each container. Additionally, avoid scratches by covering glass displays with paper.

Use the original packages when possible. The boxes were designed specifically to protect certain items, so use them for your devices. The boxes are smaller than containers used during relocation so they can help you save space in the truck.

Hire a household moving company
Even the slightest accident can break a device. If you’re not extremely careful, you’ll likely wind up damaging some of your electronics. Eliminate the risk by hiring state to state movers from a company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines. Relocation professionals are well-versed when it comes to taking care of fragile items on the road. The movers can safely store your electronics and ensure that they’ll be in working order when you unpack them. You can rest assured that your breakable gadgets are in safe hands with movers from Stevens.