How to pack clothes

Your clothes are among the most important possessions you must pack up before your nationwide movers arrive. Furniture and other large items are easy to prepare for relocation – simply ask your movers to carefully load them into the truck and you’re done. Packing shirts, pants and other garments, however, can often be an involved process.

Whether you’re moving out of state, abroad or to a neighboring town, you have to complete many responsibilities and can’t dedicate the majority of your focus to your clothes. That said, you don’t want all of your outfits to be disorganized and wrinkled once you arrive at your new address. There are some basic moving and packing tips you should follow when you’re preparing your clothes for the big day.

Keep weather and climate in mind
You should unpack seasonal and climate-appropriate gear before the rest of your belongings. If you’re relocating to a new area that features radically different weather than your current location, you should be able to immediately find the best outfits for the conditions.

Moving Today recommends packing by season and keeping similar items together. Label all of your boxes and suitcases so you know which has the clothes you’ll need right away and which ones can wait to be unpacked.

Have an overnight bag or two
Even with the help of experienced relocation movers, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to unpack all of your belongings the first day you’re in your new home. Between ensuring all of your utilities are working and that all of your possessions are undamaged, putting your clothes away may slip your mind.

Have an overnight bag with some extra outfits ready. A couple of spare shirts and pants can be beneficial to have so you don’t have to rifle through your boxes in the morning. Remember, settling into a new home is hard work so wear workout clothes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Don’t use clothes as packing materials
It may seem tempting to use your clothes to wrap fragile items, but you should avoid that practice. Breakable possessions like glassware should be kept in cushioned containers and encased in proper materials like packing paper to prevent scratches.

Use wardrobe boxes
A wardrobe box is one of the best tools to use when moving clothes. Instead of folding all of your belongings, you can leave them on hangers to avoid wrinkles. The boxes are necessities if you’re bringing suits, dresses or other formal wear.