How to move successfully during the winter

As the winter winds start to blow, moving can become especially difficult. Rather than being able to quickly pack all of your goods and handing them off to your relocation movers, you may be hampered by snow, ice or sleet. As with all activities during the chillier months, you must make additional preparations if you plan on moving during the winter.

Prepare for the worst
Winter weather is particularly unpredictable, and as such you must take precautions against every eventuality. Ensure that your car can handle slick and icy roads. Keep the number for your household moving company handy so that you can update your movers of any delays you encounter while traveling.

Pack your winter clothes last
When packing, make sure that your winter garments are among the last items that are stored away. It can take days to completely unpack and settle into your new home and you’ll need warm clothes. By making your winter wear one of the last boxes you put into your moving van, you’re ensuring that you can quickly find them once you arrive at your new address.

Avoid the holidays
Moving around the holidays combines the stressors of the most wonderful time of the year with those of the relocation process. Don’t plan on moving around seasonal celebrations, as you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed between packing, gift-giving and attending traditional festivities. Additionally, many travelers take vacations around the holidays, so it can be difficult to quickly reach your new abode.

Make sure your belongings are safe in cold temperatures
Changes in temperature can affect your belongings if they’re not packed carefully. Hire nationwide movers to store all of your possessions so that they’re safe while in-transit. Your vehicle may not feature climate controls, but Stevens Worldwide Van Lines can ensure that nothing is damaged by low temperatures – either by working in conjunction with specialty movers that offer such services or offering advice on how best to approach this issue.

Call the utility company
Ensure that the heat will be on as soon as you arrive at your new home. If your utility company requires you to be present when the services are activated, confirm that a technician will be on your doorstep on your move-in date.

Don’t waste your heat
That being said, control your heat so you’re not wasting energy. Your door will be open for extended periods of time as movers unload their vans and you unpack your car. Turn your heat on and off periodically to regulate the temperature without running up your bill.