How to help your parents move into your home

It is becoming more and more common for aging parents to move in with their children. USA Today recently reported that one-third of homeowners expect their folks or grown kids to come to their homes. Connie Kirby, who lives with her husband and his father, said that moving out of state from New York to Arizona to live in a multigenerational home made financial sense.

“It was easier and more economical to move in together,” Kirby told the news source.

The transition can be difficult when your parents move in. Instead of enjoying the peace and quiet of your own home, you’ll have regular guests. There are certain tricks you can use so that the new living situation isn’t difficult. Follow these three tips so you and your folks can live in harmony.

Hire movers
Your parents have a great deal of belongings to pack. Most seniors hold on to treasured mementos for decades, so it is difficult to pack up their homes. Hire a household moving company like Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to streamline the entire process.

State to state movers can help your parents pack up all of their worldly possessions. The professionals also take care of loading and unloading the truck so you do not have to worry about your parents injuring themselves while lifting heavy boxes.

Consider finances
The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) recommends evaluating finances early so there are no discrepancies down the road. Parents should contribute to monthly bills to avoid fiscal hardships. Dividing the costs helps the entire family stay on stable economic footing.

The news source also notes that parents should research potential medical treatments. Seniors have greater flexibility to hire home health aides because they do not have to cover property taxes and the rest of their bills without assistance.

Set limits
It can be difficult for children to live with their parents. For many adults, the situation feels like being a teenager again – their folks are watctheir every move. This frequently leads to problems because parents and their grown kids do not understand that the dynamic of their entire relationship has changed. 

Sit down with your parents and explain that you adhere to a certain schedule and you will accommodate them as much as possible.Ensure that your father and mother understand that you are theadult and they have to live by your rules now.