How to comfort your dog after moving out of state

Moving out of state is stressful for every family member, but your dog will have the most difficult time adjusting. Canines are creatures of habit, so leaving the only home they’ve ever known can be a jarring and traumatic experience.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that your fuzzy buddy isn’t upset by the relocation. It isn’t an exact science, but there are many methods you can use to help your dog adjust to a new home. Once your state to state movers are done unloading your belongings, follow these tips to ensure your canine’s happiness.

Start slowly
Dogs are overwhelmed by new environments and need to be gradually introduced into a space. Eugenia Vogel, a trainer, told AOL Real Estate that pet owners should keep their animals leashed when they first arrive at a new home.

“Have your dog on a leash initially when you go inside,” Vogel said.

The leash will keep your dog under control and demonstrate that you are there for support. Lead your dog to one room and then stay there for awhile. Put your pet’s bed, food and toys in the room to create a safe space. A dedicated area will help your pet stay calm during the transition.

Make a routine
Dogs are creatures of habit. The sooner you can create a consistent schedule for your canine companion, the better. The American Association of Retired Persons writes that you should adhere to the routine you followed in your old home.

Don’t let your dog dictate your actions. It is easy to acquiesce to your pet’s demands while it’s upset, but you cannot cede control. Dogs respond to power, so you must remain firm during the transition. Put out food at the usual times and go for regular walks. Eventually, your canine will adjust and follow the schedule without resistance.

Explore the neighborhood
Once your dog is comfortable in your home, you should start exploring the neighborhood. Every day you should try a new walking route so your pet can become familiar with the entire area. If you meet other dogs during your outings, get to know the owner while the canines play together.

Additionally, you should research parks and pet services in the area. Visit new parks to give your dog time to socialize and exercise. Dogs are more relaxed when they are allowed to play, so find recreational activities in which your pet can participate.