Help! I’m Moving but My House Hasn’t Sold Yet

Moving can be stressful even with the most preparation beforehand. Selling a home can also be a stressful event in one’s life. Now, imagine those two situations taking place at the same time. Yikes! Hurdles from both events become much more involved when you have to move before your home sells. If you don’t have much time before you move, especially for work in another city, you may find yourself trying to juggle the sale from a thousand miles away. Below, we outline some tips to keep your sale on track with minimum headache!

Be Mindful of Your Timeline

It’s important to understand that the average home sale turnaround time is two to three months, not two to three weeks; it could possibly be longer if you’re moving from a slower market.

Get By With a Little Help from Your Friends

If you do need to leave before your house has sold, designate a friend or relative to be a point of contact for your realtor, to check up on your house from time to time, and to help prepare for any open houses. Arrange for lawn care during warmer months, as weedy, over grown lawns detract from curb appeal. Lawn care is more than just mowing. Be sure to include basic tasks like watering plants, weeding, and trimming shrubs as well.

During the winter, keep the heat on! If you’re counting on a “smart” thermostat, you’ll need to keep the Wi-Fi connected so you’ll be alerted if the heat happens to go out. Arrange for someone to shovel sidewalks and check for water damage from ice dams or melting snow.

Present Your Home in the Best Light

Before you begin packing, be sure that you take good photos that show your home in its best light. The more cluttered and haphazard your home seems in online photos, the easier it will be for people to bypass it.

Present your home as “ready to move in”. Be sure to address common issues such as wobbly railings, any damage to walls or doors, and any other interiors. Paint interior walls, have carpets cleaned, and scrub the bathrooms and kitchen to make sure they’re spotless. Ensure there are no issues with the exterior as well, like sagging gutters, fences and missing screens on windows and doors. The less your house is seen as a challenging project home, the quicker it will sell.

Naturally, because you are moving, you will want to move all of your belongings out of your home. Resist this temptation. Instead, leave the house lightly furnished to help prospective buyers make sense of the house. An empty house may be too much of a blank canvas, and buyers may struggle to see what makes a home inviting if it’s empty. If it’s impractical to leave anything behind, consider hiring a professional home staging company to provide a “lived in” look for your home.

Mount a Defense

Consider utilizing an alarm for your home, especially in areas with a lot of vacant houses. You will want to prevent people from breaking in and damaging your home. Few things will derail a potential sale like a house that’s been trashed or looted. Speak with your insurance agent and ask if you need to adjust your coverage now that the house is empty and on the market.

Last but Not Least…

If you’re not convinced about the odds of selling your home, look into renting it out for a period of time. Management companies will do all the work of finding tenants for a fee. Renting may be a better option for you if you anticipate that your move is only a temporary relocation.

Finally, one other important thing to do if you move before your house sells is to budget for a few of trips back. They may not be necessary, but it’s more efficient than having to scramble around to fund them.

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