Help for people in a relocation jam

Certain relocation situations demand an especially nimble approach. Whether it’s moving quickly to start a new job or in response to an unforeseen family event, moving on a tight timeframe can pose some serious obstacles that require ingenuity, calmness and creative thinking.

One particularly vexing scenario is when homeowners haven’t had time to sell their houses before moving. The threat of paying two mortgages is enough to give cold feet to any potential mover.

In response to this pressure, a real estate firm in Michigan is offering a novel solution. Marketplace Homes, located just outside Detroit, is offering The Marketplace Homes 6 Year Guaranteed Lease, which means the firm will lease the house of anyone who buys a new construction home from one of the firm’s preferred builders across the country.

This means that for relocating homeowners nervous about being able to sell their homes, Marketplace can guarantee a monthly check for up to six years. Even if the tenant doesn’t pay – or even if there is no tenant – anyone who bought a new home through Marketplace can rest easy knowing they will receive regular payments.

For those moving out of state before closing the deal on their current home, this could be a huge boon. The six years of guaranteed money can help people in this situation hire nationwide movers and put a downpayment on their new home.