Finding the right spot when its time to retire

Once a person begins to approach the golden age of 65, it is time for a celebration. By that point, you probably have worked for around 40 years and are ready to say goodbye to the daily grind in favor of travel, new adventures and warm weather. A lot of things go through a person’s mind when deciding to pack up to a new location, and finding a moving company that is timely and reliable can sometimes be a real headache. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning to relocate.

The first is to finalize your intended destination. The Wall Street Journal reported that according to the founder of, the paramount retirement locations for elderly Americans have unique characteristics that make them a great place to live. These include fair weather, nearby health facilities and decreased property taxes. Access to adult education and cultural activities can solve boredom, while job opportunities can provide seniors with low-risk responsibilities that occupy their free time. Low crime rate and good walkability/livability statistics never hurt the equation either.

So where are you going to go? showcased a list of the top ten places to retire, and many of them were on the East coast. Several cities in Florida combine the desirable features listed above, and the state is traditionally known as the retirement capital of the USA. The Midwest also has lower tax laws and wide open space, perfect for senior citizens who still have a lust for exploration.

But once a residence has been found, a potential homeowner always asks “How am I going to get all of my stuff there?” Senior citizens have likely accumulated a ton of personal items over the course of their lifetime, and many might be fragile and require careful handling from moving companies. These people should consider employing relocation movers who can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

It can be nearly impossible to ship furniture and other large items by air because of the tremendous price of such an expenditure, not to mention limited space on commercial airlines. It’s a lot quicker and more cost effective for senior citizens to employ experienced van lines to move their stuff either next door or across the company.