Elmo helps ease relocation anxiety for military families

Elmo is sending a message to military families on the Sesame Street/ USO Experience tour: Moving is OK. Visiting 65 military installations over 235 dates, Elmo is accompanied by a new friend named Katie, who is worried about a military move. The USO and Sesame Street hope that this message will be reassuring to children and families experiencing military relocation.

A recent report by the Handson Network shows that military families are four times more likely to move than average Americans. This data mirrors the results of a study published in Military Medicine in 2005 that suggests a link between frequent relocation and behavioral problems in a sample of 179 military children.

Because moving can be stressful, this show opens a dialogue and allows families to enter into conversations with their children regarding the subject. The Military Relocation Network suggests that parents discuss the new location, school and potential friends with their children to ease anxiety.

Further, stress can be reduced for the entire family by staying organized and preparing for the arrival of the moving company. With Elmo’s help, Katie’s story guides these children in coping with both the fear of moving and the worry of settling into a new life.