Disaster-resistant structure provider moving to Austin

MC Endeavors, a nationwide provider of natural disaster-resistant buildings, is moving its headquarters from Monarch Beach, California, to Austin, Texas. The move is one piece of a larger overhaul of the company’s structure and process, one which also involves the expansion of its reach and the naming of a new COO.

Austin was chosen for its strategic location and will give the company the ability to reach new customers from different regions. The city’s proximity to the oil corridor, which has a need for strong, natural disaster-resistant structures, was another important factor. MC Endeavors isn’t the only company moving to Austin – the city’s business- and technology-friendly reputation has made it a hotspot for corporate relocations in the past few years.

The relocation comes after an eight-month stint spent in the Texas capital to test the waters. Before deciding to move the headquarters, the company prepared for the move by developing relationships with partners and expanding the scope of its projects.

Relocating a headquarters, especially one as technology-focused and equipment-based as MC Endeavors, is a complicated undertaking. Utilizing the services of relocation movers can help prevent the move from turning into a disaster. Out of state movers can use their expertise to help a business move so it can focus on the other important elements of the relocation.